Solar Geysers

Why Install a Solar Geyser?

Water heating accounts for around 40% of the average home’s electricity bill. By installing a solar geyser you can reduce the cost of heating your water by between 40 and 70%.  With the escalating price of electricity the payback period on installing a solar geyser is decreasing every year. On average you should pay back your investment in 2 to 3 years, after which your hot water generated by the sun is free.

Which Solar Geyser Should I purchase?

There are two main technologies on the market, namely Flat Plate Collectors and Vacuum Tube Collectors. There are advantages and disadvantages to both systems, and the debate over which technology to use has been going on for many years. It is important that the sales person you are speaking to understands both technologies and can offer you both options depending on your budget, geographical area, water quality and number of people that will be utilizing the hot water from the solar geyser.

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How do Solar Geysers work?

Flat Plate Collectors:

A flat plate collector is a celled box covered with a glazing sheet and backed with foam insulation. Water circulates through heat absorbent risers which are heated via solar radiation absorbed by the Heat Absorbing Backplate.

Vacuum Tube Collectors:

A Vacuum Tube is a cylindrical glass tube that contains a vacuum with an absorber plate (collector) in the middle. The absorber plate absorbs the sun’s rays (solar radiation) and a gas filled tube heats a probe which is inserted into a manifold.


How does the water circulate?

The water either circulates via a process of thermo-siphoning – this is when the water circulates naturally according to the laws of physics, with hot water rising and cold water descending in a closed loop system. This is only successful when the solar geyser is installed higher than the solar collection panels.

Another method of circulating the water from the tank through the panels is via a circulation pump. This method is normally used when the solar geyser can not be installed higher than the solar collection panels.

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Vacuum Tube Collector Solar Geyser

Direct Thermal Flat Plate Collector

Kwiksol 100L Low Pressure SystemIdeal for low cost housing and areas without municipal water supply

Kwiksol Solar Geyser 100L

Kwiksol Solar Geyser 150
Kwiksol Solar Geyser 200L

Kwiksol Solar Geyser 150L
Kwiksol Solar Geyser 200L

Kwiksol Solar Geyser 300L

Apollo Range

Apollo Solar Integrated 100L System

Apollo High Pressure Solar Geyser 150L System

Apollo High Pressure Solar Geyser 200L System

Apollo High Pressure Solar Geyser 300L System

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